Aluminium Extrusion: Benefits and Applications

The major benefits of extrusion include a higher strength-to-weight ratio – When we compare the weight of a structure built in aluminium to that of say, steel; the resulting weight can easily be halved. Extruded aluminium can be finished in a variety of ways, but through powder coating any number of textures and colours can be applied, furthering the versatility of the whole process. Furthermore, aluminium a durable metal that ages exceptionally well in comparison to other widely used metals. Aluminium extrusion is more cost effective than the processes involved in casting, rolling and forging because the shape of the profile is predetermined, the process is faster, more efficient and involves less waste.



Aluminium Extrusion: Applications

Extruded aluminium is used across a variety of industries because of its sheer versatility. In the production of engine blocks or transmissions housing where a high strength to weight ratio is required, extruded aluminium is a perfect solution. For the same reason, extrusion is applied in chassis construction and panel production in the maritime, railway, aeronautic and automotive industries. In addition, aluminium conducts heat extremely efficiently which is why it is present in products across a range of industries, from car radiators to nuclear reactors.

Aluminium naturally oxidises with the atmosphere around it rendering it naturally resistant to corrosion. This is an invaluable feature for products within the building industry for both structural construction and exterior cladding. Aluminium is also regularly flexible when subjected to excessive loads, retaining its strength. Extrusion is used to manipulate aluminium into robust housing for high voltage wire where there are magnetic fields, due to its non-magnetic properties.

A wide variety of industries rely on the versatility of aluminium, its useful properties as a metal are countless and the process of extrusion allows for an abundance of different applications. For more examples of aluminium extrusion applications and to see how a typical extrusion company function why not visit –